Noah Trupin

Hi — I'm Noah, a student with a passion for programming languages and environmental research and analysis.

This site hosts information on my projects, pieces of my writing, and more.

Recent Projects

Link | March 2022 - Current

Rebuilt the website for The Lawrence, The Lawrenceville School’s Columbia Press Award-winning student-run paper. The rewrite included a new Ruby on Rails backend, PostgreSQL database with an associated API, redesigned frontend, and integrated portal for editors to upload and edit articles. The rewrite also saw notable increases in site speed and decreases in memory footprint.

Link | July 2018 - Current

My personal website, ntrupin.com

Link | February 2023 - February 2023

Final project for SC535: Honors Physics. A kinematic simulation designed to observe the Moon's behavior following an impact accelerating it near its escape velocity. Displays statistics for position, velocity, acceleration, forces, energy, and orbit ellipse characteristics.