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Ruby, JavaScript, SQL


Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap



The website for The Lawrence, The Lawrenceville School's student-run weekly newspaper. The Lawrence is the third oldest secondary school newspaper in the United States, with the editorial board publishing weekly since 1881. The paper has won numerous awards since its founding, including consecutive Columbia Journalism Awards and an editorial award from Youth Journalism International in 2019.

Building the site

I began construction of the new site in March of 2022, working over the summer and into the new year. The site launched on a subdomain of The Lawrenceville School's official website on September 16, 2022.

Web stack

This site is written in the Ruby programming language using the Ruby on Rails web framework. It relies on PostgreSQL for all text-based storage and Amazon S3 for other assets. Heroku hosts the site.

The site's frontend is written in vanilla HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (ECMAScript 2016), with Bootstrap for styling.

Continued responsibility

As the web editor for the publication's 142nd editorial board, my responsibilities include the continued maintenance of the site and ensuring the site's content remains up-to-date with the printed paper.