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Link | March 2022 - Current

Rebuilt the website for The Lawrence, The Lawrenceville School’s Columbia Press Award-winning student-run paper. The rewrite included a new Ruby on Rails backend, PostgreSQL database with an associated API, redesigned frontend, and integrated portal for editors to upload and edit articles. The rewrite also saw notable increases in site speed and decreases in memory footprint.

Link | November 2017 - Current

My personal website, ntrupin.com

Archived | Orbital Simulation
Link | February 2023 - February 2023

Final project for SC535: Honors Physics. A kinematic simulation designed to observe the Moon's behavior following an impact accelerating it near its escape velocity. Displays statistics for position, velocity, acceleration, forces, energy, and orbit ellipse characteristics.

Link | November 2021 - February 2023

Implemented a robust request management system that integrates multiple Google GSuite utilities (Sheets, Forms, and Mail) to streamline the request, triage, and response process for tutors and students at Lawrenceville using Google’s JavaScript subset.

March 2022 - June 2022

Conducted a three-month-long research project with Lawrenceville’s Miguel Bayona on the uses of Wolfram Mathematica for reading and playing piano sheet music. The final project included a presentation and a working prototype.

Analyzed and generated reports on temperature, depth, and conductivity data from numerous sites throughout Pennsylvania in coordination with the Stroud Water Research Center. The project used NumPy and Matplotlib to establish connections between climate change and evolving river conditions in the mid-Atlantic region.

Archived | MEGAHack 2022
January 2022 - April 2022

Founded a nonprofit organization, partnered with 14 schools and NGOs, that hosts seasonal hackathons focused on the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development initiatives.

Archived | Ishtar iOS
September 2021 - April 2022

Developed an iOS app for the Ishtar Collective, a comprehensive collection of all Destiny and Destiny 2 lore. The app utilized web scraping and provided home feed, search, categories, and entry interfaces.

November 2021 - February 2022

Conducted a three-month-long exploration of lambda calculus and its applications in mathematical logic and programming language theory with Lawrenceville’s Miguel Bayona. The final project included a presentation and two interpreters, written in Rust and Mathematica.

October 2021 - November 2021

Created a fully-featured Pokédex, complete with a windowed graphical interface and search functionality, within a Wolfram Notebook using the Mathematica language and PokéAPI as a reference for Lawrenceville’s Honors Computer Programming class.

Archived | Papa Bot
September 2020 - April 2021

A general-purpose Discord bot.

September 2021 - March 2021

Developed and presented a multi-class lecture on blockchain technology for students in Lawrenceville’s Honors Computer Programming (MA555) class, complete with a functional, mineable cryptocurrency prototype contained in a Wolfram Notebook.

December 2020 - March 2021

A Java SE 15-compliant JVM classfile loader.

Archived | AbstractML
Link | September 2018 - December 2019

A transpiler for a custom markup language to HTML.

November 2019 - November 2019

Built a small register-based virtual machine in the V Programming Language to test the language’s MacOS compatibility before its v1.0 release, as requested by the language developer.