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Honors Physics Simulations

March 25, 2023 - May 21, 2023

Raytracing Simulation

Purpose: During the Spring Trimester, Honors Physics explored geometric optics via ray tracing on a 2D plane with convex and concave lenses. The simulation aims to help students visualize the relationship between object placement, focal length, and lens type in creating real and virtual images.

Technical Overview: This simulation is written in JavaScript with p5.js for drawing and animation.

Interaction: You can interact with this simulation via the QR Code. Or, when no devices are connected, the object will randomize its location every 10 seconds.

Orbital Simulation

An orbital simulation designed to observe the effects of a large impact on the Moon's orbit. Created as a final project for Honors Physics at The Lawrenceville School.

How it works: The Moon maintains an approximately circular orbit (mean eccentricity 0.05) with Earth-relative velocity 1018.32 m/s for five seconds before the simulation applies 5.62e+22 Newtons of force in the negative x-direction and y-direction. The simulation then begins mapping the Moon's new orbit. The simulation consists of a kinematics engine written in vanilla JavaScript with p5.js as its renderer.



Raytracing Control