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Sentinel: An Interactive Simulation Framework

March 24, 2023 - June 26, 2023

Developed a framework for students to build web-based simulations for display on screens throughout The Lawrenceville School's Kirby Math and Science Center (KMSC). Using a Node.js server, WebSockets, and a vanilla HTML/CSS/JavaScript frontend, the project provides an interface for viewers to select and interact with available simulations throughout the KMSC using their phone alongside an API enabling student developers to easily implement interactivity and integrate their simulations with the displays.

As an extension of the project, I developed a few new simulations (such as the raytracing simulation below) and retrofitted old physics projects with interactive features (such as the pachinko simulation).


Sentinel Poster


Raytracing Simulation

Raytracing Simulation Control

Pachinko Simulation

Pachinko Simulation Control