A history of the headshots from the sidebar/navbar on this site. Listed in reverse order of appearance.

Photo Description
November 23, 2023: Shot in a Starbucks near Millennium Park in Chicago over Thanksgiving Break during my first semester at Purdue. At the time, I was working on high-performance parallel solutions for solving systems involving large sparse matrices with Prof. Yang.
February 23, 2023: Taken on the couch in The Lawrence's office where I often worked on its website. At the time, I focused on developing The Lawrence and ntrupin.com, the site you're (probably) reading this on.
May 28, 2023: Taken on the Flagpole Green at my graduation from The Lawrenceville School. At the time, I had just completed the Sentinel project. While I kept this as my LinkedIn headshot, I found it too formal for my personal webpage.
September 12, 2021: Taken on the Circle at my IV Form Convocation at The Lawrenceville School. At the time, I had started development of my Wolfram Pokedex while assisting in MA555: Honors Computer Programming. Soon after this photo, I would begin developing the Peer Tutoring Requests system.